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Zaun24 is one of the leading retailers for fences, fence systems and related accessories. Besides Germany, the products are also offered in Austria and Switzerland. The objective of the relaunch with the online shop system Magento was an improved user experience as well as optimisation of the configuration and selection processes.

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Bespoke accessories configurator for Magento

Using a custom-built accessories configurator, customers are guided through an optimised process before they reach the shopping cart, during which the relevant accessories for the selected fences can be viewed and selected.

Individueller Zubehör-Konfigurator mit Magento

A simple way to configure fences

Thanks to the custom-built height configurator, customers can intuitively identify and select the height they need, and also get a good overview of available fence heights. The configurator integrates seamlessly with Magento’s native product configuration.

Zäune ganz einfach konfigurieren

Fast page load times thanks to performance optimisation

Performance optimisations in Magento enable extremely short page load times and reduce the load on the server at times of day with high traffic and visitor numbers. These steps increase customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates and revenue.

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