nearBees Marketplace

For nearBees, a platform which connects local beekeepers and honey lovers, we designed a marketplace solution and realised it using Magento. It is focused on the local consumption, wherefore bee locations and honeys can be looked for using the integrated map and directly bought from these locations.

For the beekeepers we realised an extensive beekeeper backend, where they can maintain their beehives and honeys as well as manage their incoming orders. Thanks to automated processes the team of nearBees can stay completely focused on their business and take care of its growth.

The complete website is focused on the essential: delicious, local and healthy honey from next door. Therefor a unique look and feel was designed, to communicate the atmosphere of a backyard breakfast and make you wish for enjoying nearBees' local honey yourself.

"NETZKOLLEKTIV realised a highly individual platform for us using Magento. Even complex requirements were always taken care of professionally and are still today."

Michael Gelhaus, CEO nearBees GmbH

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