Gutsch Verlag Online Shop

Direct marketing of post cards: for the publisher of greeting and picture postcards from Berlin we designed and realised a corporate website with an integrated online shop. Therefor we connected both the leading online shop as well as content management systems (Magento and TYPO3) with each other, and provided the publishers employees with the ideal system for both applications.

Magento on the left, TYPO3 on the right, both seamless connected on the frontend using our CMS Connect connector. For the presentation of the card series we designed the product worlds, which reflect the unrivalled character of the series on the frontend and invite customers to shop. The series are also represented in the online shop, with the stock of inventory always up to date, thanks to the integration of our connector between Magento and the ERP system.

Due to the adaption of TYPO3 the publisher's employees are always able to edit the distribution partners and assign them to certain regions.

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