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In a Nutshell

    • erweitert die Magento API um fehlende Funktionalitäten
    • voll kompatibel zur nativen Magento Core API
    • V2 kompatibel (JAVA, .NET, Python, ...)
    • Zuweisen von Simple Products zu einem Configurable Product
    • Hinzufügen und Löschen von Optionen bei Select-Attributen
    • Attribute hinzufügen / entfernen
    • Attribute zu Attributsets hinzufügen / entfernen
    • Steuerung von produktspezifischen individuellen Optionen


2.2.x 2.1.x 2.0.x
1.9.x 1.8.x 1.7.x 1.6.x 1.5.x 1.4.x 1.3.x
Magento 2 includes this functionality natively.

Our solution to extend the Magento Core API

Extends Magento Core API since 2010 - always up to date and compatible with many programming languages like JAVA, .NET

Extends in a generic way

NETZKOLLEKTIV Core API Extension extends Magento Core API in a generic way and adds missing functionality. Using this extension lets you use all existing methods as usual and many more convenient methods which you never knew they ever exist.

V2 compatible

Magento Core API can be used with JAVA, .NET, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Apache Axis too.

Assigns several Simple Products to one Configurable Product

To define a Configurable Product it is necessary to assign all corresponding simple products to its father – for this use case our Core API Extension provides the suitable method. Even store specific labels as well as prices can be defined.

Control product individual options

Adding and removing individual options to products was never easier than using our Core API Extension method. Just create or update your product using specifiying the options – and they can be simpley used – easy, automatically, programatically.

More Features

  • extended configurable products handling
  • improved fetch of products (Id-list)
  • fixes a problem while moving categories with Magento Core API ("Only variables should be passed by reference")
  • extensive unit tests passed

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