What we do for you

We offer rich solutions, to assist you with your digital presence and business. Either your online shop, your individual platform or your app - we develop innovative solutions for the best user experience possible.

Online shops

We plan, develop and maintain your online shop. For the development we use the two leading systems Magento and Shopware.

Individual platforms and marketplaces

Extraordinary business models ask for individual solutions. Due to our strong Magento expertise we can create highly individual platforms built using the system's basis.

Connectors and module development

We connect your systems for smooth business processes. If your system is lacking certain functionalities we can realise these by extending your system with individual modules.


We build corporate websites and position your brand in the digital channels using our creative design and communication services.


We work with internationally leading systems for enduring solutions of our customers.

Multi-store solutions made with Magento

for multi-store solutions

Simple shop solutions made with Shopware

for simple shop solutions

Corporate websites made with Magnolia

for corporate websites

SMEs solutions made with TYPO3

for SMEs solutions


The technologies of the future, combined with our expertise, are the basis for solid solutions.

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